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What are the six types of courts in Montana?

Introduction to Montana’s Court System Montana’s legal system has six court types. The Supreme Court is the highest, hearing appeals from lower courts. District Court deals with civil and criminal cases. Justice Courts settle small claims and misdemeanors. Municipal Courts take care of city ordinance violations. Water Court settles water rights disputes. And Workers’ Compensation … Read more

What is the difference between justice court and district court in Montana?

Overview of Justice Court and District Court in Montana Justice Court and District Court are two different court levels in Montana. Justice Court handles misdemeanors, ordinance violations, and small claims cases worth less than $7,000. Meanwhile, District Court takes care of civil and criminal cases with a significant sum of money involved. An essential difference … Read more

What is the hierarchy of the court system in Montana?

Overview of the Montana court system In Montana, justice is kept up by a complex court system. This system has many levels, each with a unique duty and its own set of obligations. The top of the hierarchy is the Montana Supreme Court. This judicial body is the most powerful one in the state. It … Read more