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Need fast information about your court date, double proxy marriage rules, bail bonds and court rules in general? Get quick facts about the Montana court clerks and how they can help you.

There are limits to what a District Court Clerk can and cannot do. Court clerks may not have all the answers to your questions about court procedures, practices and rules. For in depth questions you should consult your Montana attorney.

The District Court Clerk is on the “front line” to the public!

Montana District Court Clerks

district clerk of court responsibilities


Criminal complaints include: Notice to Appear, Court Appearances, Dispositions, Warrants and more.


Civil case filing, appeals, procedure, Returns of Summons, Proof of Service, file and records answers.

Jury Trials

Clerk will assist in drawing a jury for each county court. Will contact jurors and complete various court forms.


Accurate recording of money received by the court. Establishes a trust account for each Judge.

Case Disposition

Court Clerk will archive the entire record of all court cases in trust until the case can be disposed.


Entering Writ of Execution, judgements and default judgements after trial, enter details into docket.

Court Clerk Responsibilities
Montana Courts Clerks and what they do in the district courts

what you should know

Montana Residents Need to How Courts Work

Many court jobs entail managing court cases and supporting judges, attorneys and defendants as cases wind there way through the system.

When you need to know which court to go to, charges, what date and time to show up – it’s more than likely the Montana court clerks office has the information you need if this information is not on the county court website.

Make no mistake, clerks of court have great responsibility. Each county has a dedicated district court clerk and several court types:

  • Justice of the Peace Courts
  • District Courts
  • Montana Supreme Court
  • Specialty Courts

frequently asked questions

Here you’ll find the most asked questions about Montana Court Clerks. For more details and more answers to questions about the clerk of courts and what they do, please visit our FAQ.

What is the role of Montana Court Clerks?

Montana Court Clerks provide administrative support for courts and ensure that court proceedings run smoothly. They are responsible for maintaining court records and organizing court-related documentation.

How can I access court records in Montana?

Court records can be accessed by contacting the Montana Court Clerks. The clerk will provide information on how to request court records and any fees that may apply.

How do I file a case in Montana?

To file a case in Montana, you will need to submit the necessary forms and paperwork to the Montana Court Clerk in the applicable county. The clerk can provide assistance with completing the paperwork and can answer any questions you may have regarding the filing process.

Can Montana Court Clerks provide legal advice?

No, Montana Court Clerks are not authorized to provide legal advice. They are only able to provide information on court processes and procedures, and cannot offer guidance on legal matters.

Do all counties in Montana have District Court Clerks?

Yes, all counties have District Court Clerks. You can find a listing of all court clerks for any district here: Montana District Court Clerks

How much does a Montana county clerk make?

Montana district court clerks have an average salary of $34,000 per year.

What are the office hours of Montana Court Clerks?

The office hours of Montana Court Clerks may vary depending on the county. It is best to check with the clerk’s office in the applicable county for their specific office hours.

What is the best way to contact Montana Court Clerks?

The best way to contact Montana Court Clerks is by phone or in person during their office hours. Some counties may also have an online portal where court-related questions can be submitted.

Who is the clerk of the District of Montana?

The clerk of the District of Montana is Tyler P. Gilman.

Who is the clerk of the Supreme Court of Montana?

The clerk of the Supreme Court of Montana is Clerk Bowen Greenwood

What is the highest court in Montana?

The highest court in Montana is the Supreme Court of Montana. The clerk of the Supreme Court is Clerk Bowen Greenwood

What are the six types of courts in Montana?

The Supreme Court, consisting of a Chief Justice and six Associate Justices.
The District Courts.
The Workers’ Compensation Court.
The Water Court.
The Courts of Limited Jurisdiction, which include Justice Courts, Municipal Courts, and City Courts.

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